St Glass

Lakes Entrance Baptist Church


Lakes Entrance Baptist church has been supporting the work of Hands at Work with gifts of money and prayer. They are a group of Christians who help the local church in Africa to effectively care for the orphaned and vulnerable. They are doing this by supporting local Christian leaders, increasing the communities capacity to provide care in an effective and holistic manner.
Ten year old Taha* and his older sister, Nada*, live in a community in Mozambique. Taha was 3 years old when his father passed away. He has been the only male figure in his home ever since and he takes the huge responsibility of caring for his family, due to his mother’s rapidly decreasing health.
Taha is responsible for finding food, water and firewood while Nada cares for their mother. Taha and Nada attend the Care Point Community based Organisation where they receive daily a hot nutritious meal and are supported with basic education and health care. They were given help with planting seeds for their next crop for food. Salma*, one of the local volunteer Care Workers, visits Taha and Nada in their home to encourage them, supporting them in both their spiritual and physical needs. *names changed