Lakes Entrance Baptist Church exists to
CELEBRATE the love .
GROW people towards Christ likeness.
CARE for each other with the compassion of Jesus Christ.
REACH OUT with the love and message of Jesus Christ.
PROVIDE a Godly view point within the community.
Pastors Michael & Lyn

Pastors Michael and Lyn Carlisle

For those well-versed, you would know this question has been put to a contrary young woman named Mary (no biblical connection). It is, however a good question. There is nothing like living purposefully, making the kind of contribution needed and playing our part. There is a sense of meaning and satisfaction in our days when our lives are well invested.

Jesus spoke of soil and seed, sowing and reaping (Matt. 13), vine and branches, pruning and growth and fruitfulness; (John 15) In an agricultural setting the application would be obvious. It is reasonable a fruitless fig tree would not be left indefinitely, taking up space, using nutrient, fertilizer and water. (Luke 13)
So, “how does your garden grow?” Is there in us a growing fruitfulness that “is to My Father’s glory”? (John 15:8) Is there the obvious growth “working for the good” that shows us being “conformed to the likeness of His Son”? (Rom. 8:28-29).

The world might judge the seed of His Kingdom insignificant as a mustard seed. But has this seed taken root, germinated and grown in us to have lasting effect in people around us? (Luke 13)

So “how does your garden grow?” Fruitlessness is not an option. We would not happily tend a vegetable garden year in, year out without it producing a crop, without it being fruitful … nor does the Lord sow His Word into our hearts or graft us into His Son without reason. He loves to see His children being fruitful and multiplying. He loves to see us “being conformed to the likeness of His Son.” He loves the fruit of His Spirit being the obvious outcome of living in Him. And I dare include, He loves to see us “compelled by His love” to view people as precious to Him, moved by His loving concern, to go and intentionally be with people, showing and sharing the life of Jesus with them.

Lord, we look to You to cause this kind of growth and fruitfulness “that will be to our Father’s glory.”


Michael and Lyn